HollyThe Initiative is made up of a range of organisations, including: Charnwood Borough Council, East Midlands Biodiversity Forum, East Midlands Development Agency (Emda), East Midlands Regional Assembly, Forestry Commission, Highways Authority, National Forest Company, Sherwood Forest Trust and Natural England.

If you would like to find out more about the work of the Initiative or to get involved yourself, contact the Local Origin Project Officer on 01509 634933 or

Among the Initiative’s early successes has been a partnership with the Highways Agency to source local origin tree stocks for the project to widen the M1 between junctions 25 and 28.

The Initiative is also developing an online database which will enable anyone interested in planting local origin tree stocks to search nursery stocks for trees form their local area.

Alongside this will be a programme of promotion and awareness raising, which will include publications, presentations and workshops to a range of audiences.